These are some of my favorite links that I returned to over and over during the last few years building the organ. I hope they are helpful.

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JF Nordlie Organ Builders - Worked with me through every aspect of the project. They built my new windchests, the oak case and have done all the voicing on the organ.


Organ Supply Industries - extensive catalog and suppliers of parts to builders and hobbyists from whole consoles, windchests and pipes to hardware located in Erie, PA

International Organ Supply - sells nice stainless steel tuning slides that fit well and don't corrode. the slides also have a nice flare at the bottom for easy adjustment with the tuning knife. International Organ Supply, P.O. Box 401, Riverside, IL 60546. 800/660-6360. FAX 708/447-0702.

Matters Inc. - makes the chest magnets and solid state relay that I used in the organ, they also make organ pipes out of Aluminum. Matters Inc., HCR 89, Box 184, Hermosa, SD 57744. FAX 605/255-4187.

Solid State Organ Systems - Manufactures control systems for organs. I purchased a Powerlight power supply for 12 volt power and Krone blocks that we used on the relay boards. the Krone blocks are European made and allowed us to make the wire connections from the chest magnets to the relay without soldering.

Arndt Organ Supply - located in Ankeny, IA did all my engraving and stop tabs, does a large business in the theatre organ world with hard to find parts as well as parts for church organs

Peterson Electro-Musical - I purchased my stop tab assemblies for the combination action and pedal contacts from Peterson, Alsip, IL

Harris Technical Products - I visited their shop in Los Angeles for a tour and ordered my crescendo pedal, toe levers and toe pistons. They specialize in custom components for consoles, including entire consoles. When I was visiting I saw the incredible 5 manual console Harris was building for St. Batholomew's Church in New York City. Some of the components made at Harris are keyboards, drawknob assemblies, tilting tablet assemblies, toe levers & pistons and crescendo/expression pedals. The toe levers and wooden toe pistons made of Pau Ferro, I used, are available in many variations of wood and felt trim.

Columbia Organ Leathers - Supplier of leather for use in organ building. I ordered new leather gasket strips to use between the top/bottom boards and the windchest. They were helpful in cutting the leather to the length and width that I needed so it only had to be glued in place.

Klaus Knochel-Lichttechnik - German company that creates music lights for the organ in many styles and finishes. The lights can be ordered with a 12 volt ballast that runs off the console power supply.

Laukhuff GmbH - German supplier of organ parts from consoles to pipes and manufacturer of the Ventus organ blower. The catalog, available on line, is a great reference.

Marc Vogel Tuners- German TLA electronic tuners that are very accurate, have a wide tonal range for tuning organs and both pre-programmed and programmable temperaments.

Newark InOne - Huge catalog with everything you could want in the area of electronics, wire, connectors etc.


Eastern Organ Pipes- Located in Hagerstown, MD of many former Moller organ employees. They melt the standard mixtures of tin, lead and other metals to create organ pipes from scratch. They are making my Oboe rank(85 pipes) this fall that I hope to have installed this Spring. Eastern Organ Pipes, PO Box 2388, Hagerstown, MD 21741-2388. 301/797-7922. Fax 301/797-7978.

Gebruder Kas - Bonn, Germany made my Principal and mixture pipes. Pictures from their shop are in the pipework section.


London Organ Concerts Guide - look to see all the daily, yes daily organ events in the city. I've used this each time there to plan my trip

St. Sulpice - the famous organ in Paris where Widor was organist, see the music for upcoming services

Kings college - see the service list to hear the famous choir and see the chapel