Still more detail of wiring the pipes and installing new stop action magnets in the console.
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look at all the wiring! Above each of the green Krone blocks there are spreader bars. We made these small strips of wood and drilled them with holes to match the pattern of the Krone blocks. It makes the wiring nice and neat considering there are over 700 wires to organize coming from magnets under the pipes.
portable console While we were completing pipe set-up and didn't have the console even close to complete, I borrowed a portable keyboard that we connected to the organ for testing.
new stoprail for console Many months after the previous picture I got around to making a new stop rail for the console. I found a nice piece of walnut and cut slots for the new stop tabs and a square hole in the center for the LCD. Here I am gluing new green felt in the slots.
cutting felt Cutting the felt.
back side of stop rail Back side of stop rail. Angled slots were challenging to cut with a jigsaw.
mounting Peterson stop action magnets Mounting the brackets and Peterson stop action magnets. Measure twice(or more!) cut once.
testing fit of new board Before mounting all the stop tabs I tested the fit of the board in the console.
back of completed stop rail Back of stop rail with all the new stop magnets installed.
completed console Refinished and rewired the new console is complete.