This pages shows more wiring of the relay which controls all the functions of the organ. It communicates between the console and the pipes.
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detail of circuit boards Shows closer detail of the wiring for the output cards. They convert the fiber optic signal from the single console cable into instructions for which pipe to play. Eric taught me to be very neat with the wiring.
large output board of Matters system This is the larger output board that we mounted on the wall. It sends signals to the majority of the pipes in the organ.
before shot inside the console with old relay system BEFORE shot of old Ztronics relay system in console.
after shot inside the console with new relay system AFTER shot of new Matters relay system in console. Notice how neat and compact it is. Each of the boards is linked by one fiber optic cable.
wiring a connector I wired 12 of these connectors, each having 64 pins. We used red coated magnet wire for the harnesses. When soldering the wires to the pins the heat of the solder melts the insulation so there is no need to strip the wires. The current carried by the wires is not more than 12 volts so thin wire is fine.
wiring connectors I borrowed a jig from Nordlie that was all set up for making the harness. At one end vise grips hold the connector in place. At the other end of the board are a series of nails. The wire is wrapped around the nails at the end and the small pins on the connector. This jig allows a nice tight organized bundle of wires.
Eric solders connectors Eric Grane from Nordlie solders the wires on the connector. The pins are very close so it is not easy soldering. After watching Eric do most of them I did try soldering a few later.
Eric connecting chest wires This is the small board under the pipes. Eric is organizing the wires from the windchest to connect them to the relay.
organizing wires on the large output board Eric organizes wires from the new windchests on the larger output board mounted behind the organ.

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