Pictures are shown rebuilding the console and wiring the new solid state relay system.
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The original console from Nebraska This is the original console we moved home from Nebraska.
sides of console are refinished I took the console apart to refinish. The quarter sawn red oak was stripped, sanded, stained and laquered.
back of console refinished The back panel of the console was also refinished.
one keyboard or manual This is what the manuals look like removed from the console. Note the contacts at the rear of the manual where the signal is sent for the note to play. Most newer manuals with a solid state control system would have the key contacts internal. My manuals were probably converted from some older system, making use of Peterson keyboard contacts that are made to retrofit old keyboards with new contacts.
adjusting the Peterson contacts These are the Peterson contacts on the back of the manuals. Each note is individually adjusted for the point at which contact is made(or the speaking point). For example, whether the key is depressed half way to make contact or all the way down.
Peterson contacts This is just a closeup to show how the contacts work. When you depress the key in front it goes up in back and the silver bar makes contact with the silver wires. Adjusting the height of the bar with the plastic screw controls the contact point.
first manual installed in console Lower manual put back in console. Note the new pistons in the keyslips under the keys of the manual. Nordlie had to disassemble the manual, cut an area out under the keys for wires, make a new keyslip out of walnut veneered plywood for more strength(with all the holes in the wood) and install the piston buttons.
upper manual installed in console Upper manual installed in console, also with new pistons under the manual.
new contacts under pedals Under the pedals I installed new contacts made by Peterson to replace old wires that were hard to adjust. The new contacts have a reed switch so there are no parts to get dirty under the pedals and future adjustment should be minimal.
small output board of Matters system This is the smaller of two output boards that are part of the Matters relay system. We had to divide the output cards into two boards. The original pipes had cables, from all the pipe magnets in the chest, that would be too short to reach behind the organ. We had to mount the small board under the windchest to connect with the original pipes. We made cable assemblies(seen in a later photo) of the red wire going from the cards to the green Krone blocks. The green blocks are called Krone blocks and are push down connectors. You just lay the wire over the slot in the connector and push it in with a special tool. It pierces the insulation so you don't have to strip wire.

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