this page documents the organ that started the whole project, many changes have been made in the following years that will be shown in the other picture sections

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It all started in the winter of 2004 when we headed to Broken Bow, NE in a pickup with the intent of renting a UHaul trailer.

organ in Jame's basement Here is the organ as we found it in the basement of David James home in Broken Bow, NE.
crowded organ in basement Another photo of the organ in the basement. Notice the front rank of oboe pipes with their bells painted red. I've decided to replace that rank, it was made to play on high pressure in a large space.
organ has to go up steep stairs The whole organ had to go up the stairs in back. It came apart into many pieces, but the windchest was very hard to manage on the stairs.
Paul removes pipes Paul removes the pipes from the organ to be put in pipe trays for the move home.
needed a truck instead of a trailer We soon realized the trailer we planned to rent would not be large enough. The trailer was exchanged for a truck. We convinced the UHaul man to come and help lift the windchest up the stairs.
the windchest This windchest was all one piece and very heavy. It had to come up the stairs. This box is what all the pipes sit on.
loaded UHaul Here I am standing in the loaded UHaul ready to go.
organ assembled at home We were afraid we would not remember how to put everything back together so the organ was playing in a few days. Everything made the trip well except for a few damaged pipes that had to be repaired. We had run out of space in the pipe trays and had to lay pipes on top of each other. I didn't realize how easily they are damaged. The spotted metal is soft.